Why you need exclusive auto insurance leads for agents

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Parasol Leads generates exclusive auto insurance leads for insurance agents

Growing your business brings many challenges. One challenge many auto insurance agents have when it comes to growing business, revenue and commission is generating quality auto insurance leads. To sell auto insurance, you need to have a steady stream of auto insurance leads coming into the pipeline for you or other agents to act upon.

In the following guide, learn more about what exclusive auto insurance leads are, where they come from, how to buy auto insurance leads, and how to act on them.

What are exclusive auto insurance leads for agents?

When you are competing against national brands for business, you have to get creative. You’re not going to be able to spend the same amount of money on marketing, so the marketing you do has to be optimized. What you choose to invest in has to invest the right kind of return or you to meet your goals and achieve optimum ROI.

Many marketing campaigns allow you to buy “traffic” or clicks to your site. Other campaigns just give you brand visibility. All of these campaigns are very difficult to convert. The best way to grow your business is to outsource those marketing initiatives to an auto insurance lead generation company like Parasol Leads. Instead of buying clicks or views, you can buy auto insurance leads that you can act upon.

You can be shared or exclusive auto insurance leads. Exclusive auto insurance leads are always preferred, because the yield a better return. With shared leads, other agents gain access to the same prospect information. When you follow up on the lead, you may not be the first or only person they are speaking with. An exclusive lead means the lead is only sold once, to you. At Parasol Leads, we also have a quality guarantee. Learn more by contacting us today.

Where does an auto insurance lead come from?

There are many ways auto insurance leads are generated. When you buy auto leads from a vendor they can come from a lot of different sources. Which sources depends from lender to lender. At Parasol Leads we generate auto insurance leads from a variety of campaigns including search engine optimization, search engine marketing and email marketing.

How do I buy auto insurance leads?

Research auto insurance lead generation companies and you will get a list of vendors. You can feel secure buying auto insurance leads from Parasol Leads, because we require no minimum commitments and do not cap leads. You can buy as many or as few leads as you need. Our auto insurance lead prices are competitive, and our leads are high quality. If you are ready to learn more or buy, you can contact us directly to get started.

What do I do with my auto insurance leads?

When you buy auto insurance leads you are given each lead’s contact information. It’s up to you how you want to act on the leads you buy, but typically agents will follow up with each lead at least four times with a combination of phone and email. If you have an email nurture campaign or newsletter you will want to add these leads to that list as well.

Ready to buy auto insurance leads? Contact Parasol Leads today.

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